Lipocarnit (Липокарнит) капсулы для похудения в Параньге

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Когда бульон был наваристее, и с соседней бараньей грудинкой, накрыл крышкой и варил ещё. Дайте щи закипеть, исправить аппетитные щи со сметаной и долькой лимона, чтобы соединились все богатые, кусочек корня петрушки. А давайте ка мы с вами приготовим сегодня полевые Сибирские "Щи" из основной капусты.


Most of those who want liposuction wish for a figure they are happy with. Liposuction is not a diet method and thus is not suitable for those out to lose a few extra kilos.
Liposculpture/liposuction is an alternative for healthy people (not too obese) to remove unwanted localised fat accumulations. These fat depots are a result of genetic and hormonal factors.
Fat depots are often hard to remove through exercise.

Therefore liposuction can be of help. The surgery provides good and permanent results and leaves only minimal almost invisible scarring.
Areas particularly suitable for liposuction are: thighs, stomach, hips, waist, chin, inside knee, chest (men), legs.
Surgical procedure – liposuction
Liposuction is performed under a local anaesthetic or narcosis, in combination with relaxant medication. During a liposuction only fatty tissue is removed and not overlying skin.

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Patients that have vast amounts of excess skin (for instance after pregnancy) should discuss whether a tummy tuck could be a better alternative.
Incisions are placed in small skin creases, these incisions are approx. 5 mm and leave insignificant scarring, saline solution is then mixed with local anaesthetic in order to burst the fat cells. A thin cannula is inserted through the incision, the cannula often has a tube connected to an engine that creates an under pressure (in some cases a hand injector is used and not a mechanic suction).

With the cannula one then sucks out suitable parts of the excess fat. That is a liposuction procedure.
After a liposuction procedure
When your liposuction is finished you will rest in one of our recovery wards, you will be given a girdle in order to prevent swelling. It is to be worn day and night for three weeks, thereafter it is to be worn during the day for 2 months.
You are in good shape straight after surgery and the procedure will take between 1-3 hours.

Most patients are able to go home the same day (for larger liposuctions/tummy tucks one spends the night at the clinic).
The clinics matron will take care of you and after a well deserved rest serve you something to eat and drink.
It is not necessary to be bed ridden after liposuction, on the contrary it is better to be moving, however, heavy exertion should be avoided the first week.
Moderate pain can be felt in the operated area after a liposuction. Most patients are back at work after a week, with larger treatments and with patients who have heavy work – two weeks off work is necessary. After approx. four weeks one can exercise as before.
The most common areas for liposuction
Areas of the body are suited differently for liposuction, below we will explain some of the most common areas which we treat with liposculpture/liposuction.
Liposuction of the stomach
The area that is most suitable for liposuction is the lower part of the tummy, i.e.

from the navel and down. Often the skin contracts nicely even if some excess skin was apparent to begin with, this also applies to skin with stretch marks after pregnancy.
How flat a tummy one can get after liposuction is very individual and must be discussed with the surgeon.
The area above the navel is slightly harder to treat since this fat is firmer and somewhat more difficult to remove, but with our combined experience we know that the results are good even here.
Generally a large volume reduction is possible, if there is a need to remove a large volume of fat one must see that the skin will crease while seated.

If there is also a large amount of excess skin a tummy tuck can be performed simultaneously or sometime after the liposuction in order to achieve the best results.
Liposuction of hips
This area is often very good for liposuction.

Lipocarnit (Липокарнит) капсулы для похудения купить в Параньге

This is often the area of love handles for men, whilst women are often displeased with their high hips and the lack of a waist. Skin excess is often a rare problem in this area during liposuction.
Liposuction of thighs
This is to remove the fat accumulated on the outside, top of the thigh.

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This is one of the most common and popular areas for liposuction among women. It was the first area to be treated with liposuction and continues, along with the lower part of the stomach, to be the most suitable area for liposuction.
With large volumes in combination with heavy sagging thighs it can be difficult to remove it all, although the improvement is often so great that many are very satisfied after liposuction.
With lesser fat accumulations in this area it is almost possible to shape the result after one’s own desires. Many women are tormented by unevenness and cellulites, as a rule one must say that it is hard to get rid of this problem. But one will often see some improvement after treatment.

Read more about
cellulite treatment/endermologie»
Liposuction on the inside of thigh
Many women are tormented by too much fat on the upper part of the inside thigh. The area is generally very sensitive and must be treated with care. The skin has often a lesser ability to tighten itself, especially in women who have a tendency of loose skin in this area. Patients with good elasticity can however achieve satisfying results after liposuction with the correct technique.
Liposuction of the chin
Fat accumulations under the chin (double chin) are fairly common both in slim and overweight individuals. Liposuction in this area is often very gratifying since the skin often tightens resulting in a more attractive profile. Patients that have excessive loose skin on the neck should possibly combine liposuction with a neck/facelift in order to achieve a more satisfying result after liposuction.
Liposuction on the inside of the knee
Fat depots on the inside of the knee are actually a common problem.

Too much fat in this area can give the appearance of “fat knees” and straight thighs beneath the skirt. A beautiful thigh is slimmer down towards the knee and an adjustment of less volume provides a desired result. The area is suitable for liposuction/liposculpture and the results are good. Excess skin is not an issue.
Liposuction of calves/ankles
This is one of the more difficult areas to treat with liposuction. It is important to estimate how much of the problem is due to fat and how much to musculature. The tendency for swelling in this area is higher than in other areas of the body, there is also a tendency for a longer period of swelling than usual.
Reduced sensitivity in the treated area after a liposuction is common but will subside after some time.

On the other hand, a few patients are suitable for liposuction of the calf/ankle region and with a thorough evaluation of the patient’s requirements good results can be found after liposuction.
Liposuction of back
In the middle part of the back some women develop sagging rolls under the bra band. This can be treated with liposuction but a thorough evaluation of how much fat is located in that area is necessary.
Liposuction of breasts (men)
Liposuction/liposculpture of “breasts” is one of the most common areas for men. The advantages of liposuction in this case are that one avoids embarrassing scars and the risk for contour changes and unevenness is very small.

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Excess skin is seldom an issue, however, the breasts consist of not only fatty tissue but also glandular tissue. If there is a large amount of glandular tissue it should be removed at the same time or at a later date in order to achieve the best results. Liposuction of female breasts is relatively uncommon, but could be an option if small roles or fat accumulations exist (after breast reduction surgery).
Liposuction of other areas
Liposuction can be performed on all areas that have localised fat deposits. The areas that we introduced above are the most common liposuction procedures.

Upper arms and fatty tumours (lipomer) can also be liposuctioned, whereas the bottom is considered a poor area for liposuction.

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